Central Coast Outdoors

Kayak, Bike and Hike Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Big Sur and the Central Coast

The Central Coast of California has some of the wildest coastline and largest unspoiled open spaces in the state. It is home to the crashing surf and hiking trails of Big Sur, the California Coast Bike Route along the Pacific Coast Highway, the wine country areas of Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo and a world class National Estuary in Morro Bay. We specialize in incredible California Central Coast outdoors tours and trips for individual travelers, small group tours or large group tours kayaking, biking or hiking in our natural playground. Our trips and tours are top rated and our guide staff second to none! Take advantage of the owners' decades of experience in the adventure travel world and learn more about how we can help you explore this natural wonderland by bike, kayak and on foot...

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KAYAKING: Half Day Classic 10/18/2016

Wow, what a morning on the bay! Beautiful, calm and warm. Just a little windy for a bit, so we got our exercise, but the wind laid down at the end. Tons of great wildlife today - multiple osprey sightings, both brown and white pelicans, thousands of shorebirds in the channel, including willets, godwits and curlews. Terns wheeling overhead, turkey vultures, eared grebes and first season sightings of a common loon and two surf scoters. We also saw several harbor seals and a sea otter! Great day!

KAYAKING: Half Day Classic 10/17/2016

Beautiful post rain storm morning. Calm waters, clearing skies. We had a very full bay to explore, paddling over the salt marsh, visiting the harbor seals in the channels and going back to see the shorebirds waiting for the water to subside so they could start feeding in the pickleweed. Thousands of shorebirds, including sandpipers, American avocets, curlews, willets, black bellied plovers. Some brown pelicans still hanging about and several osprey sightings as well. A very nice morning!

HIKING: Big Sur Ecotour 10/12/2016

Beautiful fall day in Big Sur today. Blue whales spotted off the coast! Over 100 zebras at the north Hearst Ranch boundary as well.